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Friday, 18 January 2013

My First Shoot Of 2013: De Sachy Browne

Being a freelance model with no other parties to promote you let alone apply to casting calls for you it's amazing how a little (a lot) of meticulous searching can score you your next modelling gig. This one was via Twitter, thanks to the dozens of photographers and creative sites I follow I saw that a photographer was looking for a model and jumped on the 'reply' function to sell myself. That's what you have to do with these things, market yourself, sound obnoxiously big headed but nonetheless sell yourself. And when you score that job your shameless (or not so) self promotion doesn't seem all that bad because it paid off.  Emails exchanged and details confirmed and then boom. My body decides this would be the perfect time to contract a cold the day before the shoot. I'd been itching to get back on the proverbial clothes horse job ever since the clock turned midnight on New Years Eve. January is a quiet month I had to remind myself as the creative industry get back on their feet post christmas. I was determined not to back out of this job so that I did not and soldiered on.

Once I got out of the cold and into the studio my cold eased off for the duration. I met the most wonderful team (though everyone I get to work with are the most wonderful at said time). The very talented make up artist that is Kate Littlejohn, the two Irish designers come stylists for the day Marie De Sachy and Jennifer Browne, the bubbly photographer Jason Alden and his hard working assistant Tim Bowditch and the beautiful italian model Djada.

Thanks to the MUA and designers, we covered lots of looks and designs much to photographer Jason's surprise each time I came back out to shoot I looked completely different. I also got to add my own art direction and poses, its always nice to get a little bit of creative reign especially if its a fresh idea previously unthought of and beneficial to the client. Another highlight included the cave constructed by Jason and Tim out of polystyrene boards so that we could achieve some tight headshots. Time flies when you're working and having fun and it was soon time to head back out into the dreaded cold. I had so much fun once again and I'm happy to have done my first shoot of 2013!  I'll post the final pics when I have them! Until then...
Abitha xo