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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Photo Shoot With Marshall Kappel

Towards the end of 2012 I modelled for Marshall Kappel , a well travelled photographer hailing from the states.  Here are some of the end results!

After running the (so I'm told) fifteen minute walk from Ladbroke Grove to Portobello in five minutes I finally arrived on location on the corner of that renown road(After much stress following bus replacement, misguiding tfl staff and all the lines I needed to be in use closed for work). As I stood there regaining my breath from the aforementioned sprint, I baffled at the huge house standing before me with the correspending number to the email I held in my hands. Really, we're shooting here? I must have got something wrong.   I ascended the steps and rapped on the door. No answer. Christmas shoppers below gawp at me and my bewildered expression.
The door swings open and I am greeted by the photographer before being lead up to the chair for hair and makeup conducted by a sweet French MUA singing along with the pop music being streamed by spotify. My eyes are diverted to the various film cameras lying around and in use, being an amateur film photographer myself I just have to ask questions, carefully though as not to smudge my lipstick. It's actually a mastered technique to be able to articulate yourself verbally without your lips meeting, try it sometime, hard right? 
I am dressed and redressed, in vintage designer clothing, accessories and shoes. Shot and reshot. Taken outside and back in. The hours have flown by and it's time to go home. 
Many thanks to Marshall and the team!