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Monday, 6 May 2013

Visual Update #5

01. Woah spring? summer? is finally here. We've had a fair few days of blue skies and warmth recently which is exciting and has definitely induced beach cravings! Once again I will promise myself that I will visit a beach sometime this summer! Its been a quiet sort of week for me bar Major Lazer's gig at the Oxford O2 Academy on Thursday. So I've been studying hard and admiring the blossoming flora in my back garden. We've even had 2 BBQs so far!

02/03. On Thursday I unexpectedly found myself in Oxford for Major Lazer's gig at the O2 Academy with my lovely friend Katrina. We off course were right at the barrier, twerking and getting down as per usual. Even at our age, we felt like amongst the oldest there, it seems a lot of teens frequent the venue and whilst some of them were rude to say the least we still enjoyed what was a staggeringly good gig! Ms Dynamite supported, warming up the crowd with a mixed bag of both old and new hits. 'I love the energy tonight', 'I love it' and 'Give yourselves a round of applause, you are amazing' she kept saying. Most of these young'uns didn't recognise her older stuff but we belted out her tunes back to her and I could of sworn she was looking right at me whilst doing so (as does every attractive male band member as all the gigs I go to, I swear/hope/SWEAR) hehe. Then it was Major Lazer's turn and boy did they bring it! Up and coming musicians the world over, take your stage presence 101 from these guys. Two dancers adorned the stage, two hype men and thats not including Diplo his very self and all of the confetti, cava, horns and Major Lazer dollars they threw out into the crowd. Ooh and the band themselves crowdsurfed- despite the signs saying anyone who did would be thrown out. A flock of lucky girls from the audience were invited onstage to dance and then a young lad was called on unbeknown to him that he would be getting his very own, very public lapdance by the dancers. All in all it was one of the best gigs I'd been to in a while and I loved getting to catch up with Kat too!

04. I looked after Tammy and took her for a walk, Emily came with us and really surprised me.  Normally she is quite the subdued cat but that morning she kind of threw herself at a tree, proceeded to climb it and then fell off! If you follow my instagram or know me, my cats are regular feature.

05. I thought I'd make good on my mild sweet addiction and am currently turning some fruitella wrappers into a bracelet, nifty eh and recycled too!

I've also been out learning to drive again in the field out back of the house which is exciting albeit a little nerve wracking at times but I'm made good progress since last time!
This week (or what is left of my set in stone working week) I'll be filming for my course and getting stuck into whatever else comes my way. I go with the flow.
What have you been up to this past week? Have you enjoyed your bank holiday weekend?