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Monday, 29 April 2013

00TD // PR1NTS

Ah Monday, the dreaded day! 
Today I arose to another beautiful sunny spring day, a little reluctantly (I was up working til 3am last night) but this glorious weather spurred me on I and threw on my garments for the day. Now that the skies are looking bluer and the suns been making an appearance I couldn't turn down the opportunity to ditch the black and opt for this vintage yellow Brownies jumper and navy blue bandana combo.  A bit of a mix of subcultures too! 
It might be the only yellow item of clothing I own but its one of my favourite wardrobe pieces that I have no qualms with wearing. Bandanas are so versatile too- I tend to wear mine as a headband but it works great worn as a scarf, tied round the wrist or anywhere else you can possibly think of. I teamed denim shorts, black tights and creepers with this look. 
What do you think of my outfit today?

I also recently got some film processed. It had been sitting in my trusty point and shoot (canon sureshot  AF-7) for a good while so I was delighted that my local branch of Jessops were still open and ready to print them. I only got 16 out of 36 exposures as I had to cut off a large strip of film due to  the camera's automatic winder having a tantrum so I was a little bummed but here they are (all 35mm by the way)
This one was taken in September 2012 whilst I was on the Isle Of Wight for Bestival. You can my Lubitel 2 and my discarded shoes. I was really happy we'd made it to the beach whilst the weather was still nice! 

I took this whilst I was in France over Christmas 2012. Again this was near the beach, though this time  it wasn't quite nice enough to sunbathe! 
My mother on the left and my Sister on the right at my birthday meal in September. They look so alike its uncanny! 

This one was taken more recently at college. My rather musically talented friend was playing ukelele and singing. Its gone a bit redscale which I can put down to the film being exposed.  Seriously someone should ban me from opening the back of my camera or at least drill it into me to turn the camera off and place myself in a dark room before doing so! I must admit I do like the end result though!
This is definitely one of my favourites of all the prints that came out. It was taken in the 'Ambient Forest' bit of Bestival where I think I would be content living, its a sight to behold in the daytime and a fairy lit fantasy come night time. A friend pointed out that the shot looked very 'monet'. 

A very faint rainbow over my hometown. 
I took this as we drove off the ferry and onto French soil. It may seem just a pov shot from the interior of a car to you but to me it bears significance. Until this I hadn't left the country for twelve years and I was really excited about soaking up as much as I could of France whilst I was there. 
I believe this was another one taken at Bestival, whilst Florence And The Machine were playing. It was  such a treat to finally see her live, I also got to see The XX perform which was equally a treat!

My next goal lomo wise is to finish up my roll of medium format in my Lubitel 2 and get that developed or maybe even develop it myself! I do la la la love lomography, these cameras and their films  seem to capture memories in such a nostalgic way and they sit there holding them for us until we finally get round to developing them. 
What do you think of my photos? Have you been to Bestival? Do you love the Ambient Forest as much as I do?

Do let me know in the comments or by tweeting me @abitha_arabella  !