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Monday, 1 April 2013

Visual Update #2

Photo Shoot with Nobuyuki Taguchi | Cookies | My Article on The Huffington Post | Vice The Fashion Issue | Zombie Makeup | Alex Paterson in a chicken mask| Alex Paterson at the Dub Bunnies Event| Setlist| This is what happens when I'm left to clean.

So I've put together another 'visual update' post to show you what I've been up to of late in pictures. I recently had another shoot with the very talented Nobuyuki Taguchi, this was in aid of Jin Murano's make up portfolio, I had a lovely time and have added a few more japanese words to my limited vocabulary. I'll show you the results when I get them back!

I also made cookies again because hey its Easter! This time I went all out chocolatey and once again my trusty recipe didn't let me down. I made a post on it here with the recipe, so if you try it out let me know!

This week my first article for The Huffington Post as a blogger went live, I'm really thankful for being taken on my them and having a chance to have my say through a well known and visited platform. For my first article I decided to write about the decline of music stores and the exchange between vinyl and CDs to digital downloads, I also speak a little bit about my own experiences with music. It's called 'A Eulogy To Music Stores' and you can read it here.

On Friday I dropped my lil bro off at Waterloo and then decided to go for a meander around Oxford Street. I popped into American Apparel as I know they stock VICE, I ended up searching every corner of the store for the mag before finding it right by the door. Fail. Its the fashion issue and Snoop Doggy Dogg fronts the cover. I tend to read a lot of VICE online as I'm just outside of LDN so I can't get my mitts on it, what a treat when I do!

The zombie makeup pictures are from a video production assignment, my friend Sophie transformed me using face paint, wax and fake blood so that I could star in her horror video. Stay tuned as soon I'll be making myself up as Zombie for my own project.

Yesterday, (Easter Sunday) residents on our ('s) Underground channel The Dub Bunnies held their annual Easter event in Aylesbury, we headed down after Alex Paterson (The Orb) had finished his return to radio show at Fnoob HQ. Thats him above in the chicken mask and doing a set at the Dub Bunnies. The Orb are also playing next weekend in Brixton, I'll be there- do say hello if you will be too!

Oh and that last image is what happens when you leave me to tidy up! Its an inside joke between me and a friend, a shortening of Abitha, so I couldn't resist doing a bit of ad lib fashion design and reworking this bin bag into a top.

Thats all folks! Have you had a good Easter weekend?