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Monday, 29 April 2013

Visual Update #4

Rocket cous cous and green tea | Lavender Oil | Spring Florals | Treehouse @ Family BBQ

Spring has sort of finally arrived, is it safe to say that yet? and I've thus really enjoyed it so far. I'm not sure if my body has- not only have I've been ill with some sort of tummy infection but it just doesn't know how to respond to the current climate. My brain in particular- is it okay to go out in shorts, a dress, an outfit that doesn't include trousers?!? I've soldiered on, treating myself to baths and lavender oil and walks round the garden. All of the flowers are starting to bloom, its kind of infectious. I've been nomming on lots of rocket and a bit of goats cheese- divine foods!
Magnolia Tree In The Garden | Tammy | Free Call Courtesey Of BT | Train Ticket Floor Finding

The magnolia tree has finally began to bloom, its late but better that than never. Honestly I think this beautiful flora is spurring on my optimism at the moment! Thats Tammy our dog posing for me in the garden. I was longchanged(?) by the trusty old telephone box outside the train station. I inserted 60p to make a phone call and it returned 70, why thank you telephone. And whilst I was waiting to be picked up, I spotted this cool little ticket.
Crystal Fighters Gig | Zombie Girl | Modelling For A Fashion Film @ LCF | Studying

Of course I went to see Crystal Fighters a week or so ago, you can read more on that here
I've been throwing myself head first into my video production course work, so I've been making videos and turning myself into a zombie whilst slaving over essays (which I really secretly love) and I also modelled in a little fashion film at The London College Of Fashion over the weekend. I can't wait to see the results, but more to come on that later! Ooh and I got some film from last year developed, I'll cook you up a post on it tomorrow. Alas it is late (I've been up recording my voice for videos) so I'll bid you all good night and we'll regroup tomorrow. 
Abitha xo