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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Visual Update #3

Went to see Trance | Won A Limited Edition All Saints Tee | AAA| The Orb Gig @ Electric Brixton | The Orb Gig Banner | Razda/Robbie being a beaut' | Ploughing through all the orders at Gem's Dry Skin Cream | Zombie Makeup Practice.
Its been a bit of a mixed bag of a week! I went to see Danny Boyle's latest endeavour 'Trance' which I found myself getting very much into and lost in. It was great to see London being utilised as the setting but the heist film seemed to turn into a revenge one of sorts with unnecessary gore (I'm a wimp!) and a little bit of art history justified misogyny to boot.
I woke up one morning to find the postman had brought me a parcel, a rarity for me and to my surprise when I opened it there was an AllSaints tee. I absolutely adore AllSaints but I've always been lacking the sufficient funds to make a purchase lucky that window shopping costs sweet nada! I entered a comp a few weeks back and I won! This exclusive tee is the result of AllSaints and independent Nashville based record label 'Serpents and Snakes' teaming up for a showcase in Austin. Expect a 'look' or ootd post on it soon! 
On the 5th I went to The Orb's gig at Electric Brixton, we got there super early as we're friends of Alex Paterson and he does a show on our radio station. It was really interesting to see all of the preparation that goes into a concert first hand. The unsung heroes are the production managers, the sound engineers  and the roadies who all put in the hours to ensure the event runs smoothly for all involved. It was a bit of a funny one as almost everyone on the bill has graced radio FNOOB at some point or other. My personal highlights were of course The Orb but also Gaudi and Danny Ladwa's set. Gaudi had a multitude of musical utensils with which to play the showman with and Danny brought some fresh beatboxing. I go crazy for beatboxers, I genuinely admire the skill as an art form. 

Of course I've thrown in a pic of Robbie/Razda, he had an audience on our driveway this morning, I came out to find a few dog walkers admiring him as he perched on the top of one of the cars. He turns 5 next weekend, watch me throw a party in his honour! 

All of my week was dedicated to aiding Gemma in packaging up, sending out and dealing with the vast amount of orders her feature in the Saturday Telegraph brought in. There were a whole team of us, working extremely hard and lapping up the testimonials of many a happy customer. Honestly, I know I rave about it but if you are having trouble with dry skin, eczema or any other associated skin complaint please do give Gem's Cream a try. You will not be disappointed! 
The last snap is of myself trying out the zombie makeup I have lined up for a video production assignment. I based it on a tutorial from Emma Pickles, who is another very talented soul whom you should check out!

Lots to crack on with this week, stay tuned and thank you for taking the time to read/look around. 
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