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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Film Noir/ Boudoir With Thalia

When I'm not modelling lookbooks for up and coming clothing lines or brands I'm always happy to help studying photographers, friends and anyone who needs it with their creative ventures. So when a student at the college where I study a video production course asked me to model for her shoot I was happy to oblige.

Thalia, a Dutch photography student and I swapped emails discussing her ideas and the theme of a film noir/ boudoir shoot. Arriving on location, I met Ola the make up artist as well as photographer and Thalia herself. And then came the exciting bit, the first time I've ever properly worn a wig- these take a little tampering with to get on but can completely transform a person's look. A quick glance at myself in the mirror and I felt a little like Cleopatra or Mia Wallace. The thing with modelling is that it is in fact just a still form of acting. One day you could be playing a urban vixen the next a burlesque starlet. There are no lines, just expressions, poses and costume. So you channel your inspirations, you channel the moodboards you've been supplied with and you try to reflect that in your pictures.

Special Thanks To Ola and Thalia!