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Monday, 11 February 2013

My Love Affair With Porcelain Prints

Robert Cavalli 2013

Alice McCall 2011

Ever since I could remember I've always admired porcelain patterns, markedly that of the blue willow and wedgwood's own. This admiration coupled with my fondness of homeware (I'm not even 20 yet I swear) tea, and a visit to the Gladstone Pottery Museum with my grandparents some years ago has since spiralled and manifested itself into something of a mission, a quest if you will.

I have recently spotted porcelain patterns on the catwalks of fashion which of course stirred much excitement. Though arguably a significant portion of what we see on the catwalk is reserved for couture and garments made to be appreciated for their aesethetic craft, high street designers will take inspiration from the collections shown around the world's various fashion weeks. Naturally I assumed that it wouldn't be long until I started to see my beloved blue willow print at a more affordable price on the high street. And I wasn't wrong!

I recently found myself on an impromptu shopping trip and bumped into this beauty. My eyes couldn't comprehend the reality! I've also seen a few suspect items online too, though the pattern is still somewhat scarce in the form of clothing. Having done lots of research around the pattern itself and grown so attached to it, I'm thinking of sourcing some fabric and making my very own blue willow garment. So watch this space for that one!  Below is an image just further consolidating my undying (and so not pathethic, RIGHT?) love for it:
Tea @ Camellia's tea room

Perhaps one day soon I'll even own my very own blue willow tea set! What are your thoughts on the pattern? Would you like to see more porcelain prints within fashion? Drop me a line or comment and let me know your thoughts!

Abitha xo