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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Phannatiq: Refraction

Just before the notorious London Fashion Week, I shot a lookbook for Phannatiq's 'Refraction' collection. Phannatiq being designer Anna Skodbo's label and umbrella for her high end urban inspired pieces that are ethically produced and offer an alternative to the 'shiny' trend. Taking inspiration from the forgotten nooks and crannies of London's run down streets the label romanticises and gives a nod to the graffiti, broken chain fencing and razor wire of the city and transforms it into something wearable.
It's a theme that runs throughout and can be seen in the bold choice of tones, edgy pattern cutting and the detail in the hand dyed and screen printed fabrics.

This particular collection 'Refraction' gives an insight into the lives of the average joes, the public service men and women we pass everyday at a glance these appear to be the sporters of the yellow and orange vests, the lollipop ladies and the road workers- the people who safeguard, the glue holding the city together. The frequenting colours being yellows, greens, oranges and greys, combinations not always seen in the fashion industry. The collection is being showcased in the Esethetica exhibiton at London Fashion Week 2013 (today is the last day so if you're about, go check it out!)

A sneak peek of the lookbook at London Fashion Week

I loved Anna's quirky designs and the way in which the clothes were cut, the shapes of the designs, the fit and the meticulous attention to detail shown in the hoods, the pleats in the skirt and the hand dyed screen printed fabrics. A great aspect of modelling is that you get to experiment and try out a whole range of clothing that you may have not brought for yourself or been aware of beforehand- it really opens your mind up to what you can get away with wearing; which patterns, which colours, fabrics and the list goes on..

On the day of the shoot the heavens decided to frown on us and pour with rain which resulted in quick dressing and accelerated shooting for all shots that needed to be taken outside, much to my and male model/DJ Sebastian Bartz's dismay. It's all part and parcel of being a model though and presents a good challenge. If you can stand out in the rain and model competently, you can do anything (almost?!). And you have the promise of tea and a heater it isn't half as bad! We relocated inside which proved to be the perfect backdrop to the lookbook with it's floorboards and lighting.

I throughly enjoyed this shoot, once again I got to meet yet more interesting people- the quirky and talented Anna Skodbo, fellow model and DJ Sebastian Bartz and the Photographer Stephen Berkley-White. All were a pleasure to work with!  And Phannatiq is a label I'd definitely reccomend to the urban fashion conscious who want something different, stylish and ethical!

You can check out Phannatiq's website here.