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Thursday, 14 March 2013

A Visual Catch Up

Hanging upside down on the stairs | Baking Cookies | Illustrating Practice  Of Devendra Banhart| Discarded Flowers| Lighting Practice| Brownie Baking

I wanted to check in with all of those that read my blog and let you know what I've been up to recently. Whilst I may not always be modelling I have been keeping myself busy with other activities!  
I've recently been getting stuck in with my video production course, experimenting with lighting setups and occupying myself with both the planning and pre production of a horror special effects project.  As part of the pre production process I've got to revisit some of my favourite horror productions like Dead Set and the spanish horror film Rec , studying sure comes a lot easier when you get to watch movies you love as 'research'! One of the tasks we were set was to select a shot from a film and emulate it, thats what I'm doing in the shot above for her a fellow film student- lying upside down on some stairs.

Elsewhere I've been baking ALOT, it started out about two weeks ago with ONE batch of cookies. They were so popular in our house that I've been chained to the stove and forced to cook more sweet treats. Slight exaggeration aside, I really do enjoy cooking from scratch, experimenting with different ingredients and giving all retailers of cookies and brownies a run for their money. Theres pasta in the pipeline, I also made my own pesto last week. Can we tick off Domestic Goddess yet?

I recently got round to listening to Devendra Banhart's new album 'Mala', another album of the dreamboat's folk flavouring. It was a delight with my favourite tracks being; 'Never Been Such Good Things', 'You're Fine Petting Duck' and 'Golden Girls'.  Listening to Banhart's soothing sounds and finely tuned instrumentation really should be done with a glass of vino in hand, whilst lounging in an hammock- that is the only thing missing! This inspired me to play around with a photograph of his, I was very keen to attempt a digital illustration but I couldn't bring myself to destroy him! Practice makes perfect though!

I've also been pitching lots of new reviews to publications, there are so many gigs I want to go to in the coming months, ones not to be missed and that will hopefully provide good reading. I'm soon to be blogging on the Huffington Post's new student blog section too! I'm so excited about writing this year and I'm snapping up any opportunities to do just that, so stay tuned!

I'm working flat out at the moment, aiming to be in a constant state of 'beta' creation and grab those opportunities with both hands! So I just want to say thank you to all those who take the time to read this and say that I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

Abitha xo

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