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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Artisan Update

As I previously mentioned I made a promise to myself to create more art this year and here is a little photo update of what I've been up to...

I started a series of motivational digital art pieces made up of marbled jazzy backgrounds with overlays of inspirational text I've dreamed up. I begin with a blank canvas in photoshop and then choose three colours and various different shades/tones with which to create my background. I think of it as a painting process, smearing smidges of colour onto the canvas before smudge them all together to create the backdrop of the piece. This series is based on observations of both my self and others negative tendencies and reworked to have a positive vibe. This is done by juxtaposing the positive words before the negative. It's an experiment but I do hope they inspire at least one person out there. 
I've also been drawing a little, taking inspiration from nature,culture and again sociology- I'm finding it very therapeutic, enjoying it rather than chiding myself for not being as good as I'd like. I keep doodling all over my assignment papers too oopsy but its all good practice! I've recently come across this amazing Pentel Color Brush which has helped to create watercolour-esque effects in my work and is great for tone which I struggle with. The ink is water based and you can refill the cartridges which is very handy and means you won't have to throw away the pen once you are finished with it! I like the way it is essentially a brush but its pen attributes give the artist more control. 
And as for the photography that is still a work in progress, my point and shoot film camera never leaves my bag and is ever ready for any photo opportunity the world throws at it. I must go get my film developed though it is so expensive! I'm hoping at some point this year to attain all the paraphernalia to develop my films at home, fingers crossed!

I've also been admiring the work of other artists, predominantly the street artists of the Shoreditch/Brick Lane area. I really love #thebriancoxeffect posters and admire the artist for creating them. Brian Cox is proving to be science's new pin up. He's young (in comparison to his peers) though Attenborough you are still thoroughly adored, he's charismatic and his programmes are enjoyable as well as educational to watch. I snapped these whilst I was out modelling in the area and wanted to take many more photos but just didn't have the time! The bottom picture is a poster my friend Kevin brought me back from  ART13 at the Olympia  by Stuart Semple. This is something he did alongside mind,  the mental health charity and I love it's message synonmous with the Time To Change television adverts- Its okay to talk about mental health. I also like the obvious typography format as its something I am exploring in my own little creations currently.

What do you think of my art, does it inspire you? Have you experimented with the color brush yourself? What do you think of the art featured in this post?