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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Learning To Layer: Leather Jacket Over Hoodie

Heeli Leather Jacket, Primark Men's Hoodie.

This time last year if you'd asked me how to layer effectively I probably would have responded with 'Just throw on a jumper' or a mumsy 'Make sure you wear a coat out!' however with the weather being what it has been here in Merry England, I've learnt a little bit..

While the weather has been blue, the fashion world has been hit with hopeful spring hues but despite this most of us are still dressing to face the elements in safe colours and practical cuts. There comes a point where you can start to feel frumpy underneath your warm layers and something has to be done.

I own three 'coats' of sorts-  a navy duffle coat with a white faux far trim reserved for winter, a denim jacket reserved for summer and a leather jacket for pairing with dresses and those 'badass' moments. But hey coats are expensive! Don't get me wrong, my trusty duffle has served me well (cat hair coverage aside) but I felt it was time for a change.

I wasn't fully convinced that wearing my leather jacket alone would be warming enough for my outdoor excursions given its mid length and lack of hood, so I had this neat idea to wear a black hoodie beneath it. And so is the tale of my first effective 'layering' venture. With this look I have all the benefits of keeping the bitter cold out AND looking a little less crazy cat woman, a lot more Alice Glass.

Style this to look urban chic or rockstar royalty, and if you're already ready for a splash of colour you could even go two tone. Below are some examples of how you could rock the look. 

What do you think, is this hoodie jacket combo for you or not?

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