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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Visual Update #7

01. Beautiful hand picked Forget Me Nots and Cowslips. I've found myself taking so many pictures of flowers and blossom recently as the weather gets nicer! 

02. Residing out in the bonnie sticks of Bucks (and having a massive back garden) we often get visits from a plethora of wildlife. Meet this little muntjac munching on one of our flowerbeds. I wish they weren't so timid so I could have got a closer look! 

03. Last weekend I made the voyage to Asda (a cheap and cheerful haven of a supermarket) and brought lots of veggies and fresh food. Although I adore eating such foods they tend to go off in a matter of days so with a 'waste not, want not' attitude I committed to two days of mushroom eating. Pictured are some home made garlic portobello mushrooms and a side salad of mainly rocket, basil and pepper. Give me all of the rocket/basil in the world and I'll be a happy girl. 

04. My good friend and talented artist Kitty Wilcox has released her debut comic 'Fena'. Mine came in the post this week and the illustrations are magnificent! Each copy is signed, numbered and put together by hand. Buy Issue One here and support an upcoming artist! 

05. I've been working on a few lil digital graphic numbers. Its nice to fit in some art here and there! 
06. A little preview of the fashion film I recently worked on! 

So theres another a visual update from moi! 
What have you been up to?
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