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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Visual Update #8

Star Trek Into Darkness| Sweets From The Garden Centre | Sunset
| Strawberry Beer| Doris The Ronart Car | Moth | Razda | Lipsy Dress For The Wedding | Nommy Juice

I went to see the new Star Trek film and loved Zachary Quinto's performance as Spock and also Simon Pegg's performance as Scotty! Two of my friends came to visit me and we trekked up a massive hill to enjoy a few drinks with a stunning view of my village. We polished up our Ronart 'Doris' and Razda sure enjoyed it! My dress for a wedding I'm going to this weekend arrived, its from Lipsy and I really love its grecian style, can't wait to wear it!

Made ALOT Of Caramel Sauce | Caramel Cookie Cups| John Donne's 'Sing'|
Just Finished Neil Gaiman's Stardust | Chinese Food| Fashion Show Makeup | Flora/Fauna Sitting| Strawberry Beer and Dominoes With Kevin| My Latest Film
Managed To Tan My Thigh But Not My Calf?!

Flowers In The Garden


The Greenhouse
Hasn't the weather been lovely this past week or so? I've been a busy gal; studying, cooking, preparing for a fashion show I'm appearing in this week for a friend at college and cat/plant sitting. Amongst all this I've managed to fit in seeing some old friends, I've picked up a book for the first time in a few months and actually finished it this weekend and I've also made a film this weekend of an outing we had in Doris as well as taking a few photos. Very rewarding!
You can view my video here:

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