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Monday, 29 July 2013


Hello.... anyone out there? Whilst in true British modesty, I don't lay claim to having many people read my little space here but if you do happen to be reading this and have wondered why I haven't posted in a while.. I'm in the process of creating my new website where I'll be hosting a blog, my portfolio and more!  Stay tuned!

Sunday, 30 June 2013


On Friday Night (28/06/13) we hosted a night at the Inspiral Lounge in Camden that saw Fnoob Underground residents The Dub Bunnies take to the decks to deliver those reggae dub riddims. I was official snapper, check out my shots here.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Hot on the pursuit of new music and artists I caught up with the face behind  Milwaukee psych tape project 'Daycones' A.K.A Ryan.

Read my exclusive interview with 60's psych tape trance project 'Daycones' here

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Visual Update #8

Star Trek Into Darkness| Sweets From The Garden Centre | Sunset
| Strawberry Beer| Doris The Ronart Car | Moth | Razda | Lipsy Dress For The Wedding | Nommy Juice

I went to see the new Star Trek film and loved Zachary Quinto's performance as Spock and also Simon Pegg's performance as Scotty! Two of my friends came to visit me and we trekked up a massive hill to enjoy a few drinks with a stunning view of my village. We polished up our Ronart 'Doris' and Razda sure enjoyed it! My dress for a wedding I'm going to this weekend arrived, its from Lipsy and I really love its grecian style, can't wait to wear it!

Made ALOT Of Caramel Sauce | Caramel Cookie Cups| John Donne's 'Sing'|
Just Finished Neil Gaiman's Stardust | Chinese Food| Fashion Show Makeup | Flora/Fauna Sitting| Strawberry Beer and Dominoes With Kevin| My Latest Film
Managed To Tan My Thigh But Not My Calf?!

Flowers In The Garden


The Greenhouse
Hasn't the weather been lovely this past week or so? I've been a busy gal; studying, cooking, preparing for a fashion show I'm appearing in this week for a friend at college and cat/plant sitting. Amongst all this I've managed to fit in seeing some old friends, I've picked up a book for the first time in a few months and actually finished it this weekend and I've also made a film this weekend of an outing we had in Doris as well as taking a few photos. Very rewarding!
You can view my video here:

Thank you for reading! 
What have you been up to lately? 
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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Visual Update #7

01. Beautiful hand picked Forget Me Nots and Cowslips. I've found myself taking so many pictures of flowers and blossom recently as the weather gets nicer! 

02. Residing out in the bonnie sticks of Bucks (and having a massive back garden) we often get visits from a plethora of wildlife. Meet this little muntjac munching on one of our flowerbeds. I wish they weren't so timid so I could have got a closer look! 

03. Last weekend I made the voyage to Asda (a cheap and cheerful haven of a supermarket) and brought lots of veggies and fresh food. Although I adore eating such foods they tend to go off in a matter of days so with a 'waste not, want not' attitude I committed to two days of mushroom eating. Pictured are some home made garlic portobello mushrooms and a side salad of mainly rocket, basil and pepper. Give me all of the rocket/basil in the world and I'll be a happy girl. 

04. My good friend and talented artist Kitty Wilcox has released her debut comic 'Fena'. Mine came in the post this week and the illustrations are magnificent! Each copy is signed, numbered and put together by hand. Buy Issue One here and support an upcoming artist! 

05. I've been working on a few lil digital graphic numbers. Its nice to fit in some art here and there! 
06. A little preview of the fashion film I recently worked on! 

So theres another a visual update from moi! 
What have you been up to?
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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Visual Update #6

01. This was taken on set of filming our music video assignment to Macklemore's Thrift Shop. One of the dancers brought her beautiful little Bischon-Frise, Ted!

02. I haven't been able to get enough of Twinings Jasmine Green Tea recently. A.K.A Princess Tea!

03. Last week I went to my first ever auction at the Park Inn Hotel near Heathrow. It was an exciting experience and there was a lot on offer- from electronics to wine to works of art and memorabilia. My particular favourites were the signatures of all those that had been to the moon and a signed Paul Mccartney guitar. Needless to say the bids got crazy and we returned home empty handed. Perhaps one day, when I've made my fortune! 

04. My recent purchases include this rather dapper ensemble of a beyond retro hat and PPQ London leather creepers!

05. On Wednesday I went to the London College Of Fashion to model some lovely footwear designed by final year student Rosie Beagent. I loved her rubber boots! In just under two hours we were done as it was pretty much parts modelling and Rosie gave me a lovely card to say thank you, no client has ever done that before- how sweet!

06. It was my best friend's birthday yesterday so we had a little shindig on Friday. It was great to catchup with her, my sister and other friends!
07. Yesterday was an errand running/shopping day. I stumbled across this twee postcard in an organic shop in Marlow. Its definitely me to a tea!
08. I interviewed another FNOOB resident for our ongoing feature ' MEET TEAM FNOOB'. I love doing these little interviews and finding out interesting tidbits about the team! You can read the latest instalment here.

So thats a little insight into my last week or so, how has yours been? Do let me know by commenting below or tweeting me! 

Monday, 6 May 2013

Visual Update #5

01. Woah spring? summer? is finally here. We've had a fair few days of blue skies and warmth recently which is exciting and has definitely induced beach cravings! Once again I will promise myself that I will visit a beach sometime this summer! Its been a quiet sort of week for me bar Major Lazer's gig at the Oxford O2 Academy on Thursday. So I've been studying hard and admiring the blossoming flora in my back garden. We've even had 2 BBQs so far!

02/03. On Thursday I unexpectedly found myself in Oxford for Major Lazer's gig at the O2 Academy with my lovely friend Katrina. We off course were right at the barrier, twerking and getting down as per usual. Even at our age, we felt like amongst the oldest there, it seems a lot of teens frequent the venue and whilst some of them were rude to say the least we still enjoyed what was a staggeringly good gig! Ms Dynamite supported, warming up the crowd with a mixed bag of both old and new hits. 'I love the energy tonight', 'I love it' and 'Give yourselves a round of applause, you are amazing' she kept saying. Most of these young'uns didn't recognise her older stuff but we belted out her tunes back to her and I could of sworn she was looking right at me whilst doing so (as does every attractive male band member as all the gigs I go to, I swear/hope/SWEAR) hehe. Then it was Major Lazer's turn and boy did they bring it! Up and coming musicians the world over, take your stage presence 101 from these guys. Two dancers adorned the stage, two hype men and thats not including Diplo his very self and all of the confetti, cava, horns and Major Lazer dollars they threw out into the crowd. Ooh and the band themselves crowdsurfed- despite the signs saying anyone who did would be thrown out. A flock of lucky girls from the audience were invited onstage to dance and then a young lad was called on unbeknown to him that he would be getting his very own, very public lapdance by the dancers. All in all it was one of the best gigs I'd been to in a while and I loved getting to catch up with Kat too!

04. I looked after Tammy and took her for a walk, Emily came with us and really surprised me.  Normally she is quite the subdued cat but that morning she kind of threw herself at a tree, proceeded to climb it and then fell off! If you follow my instagram or know me, my cats are regular feature.

05. I thought I'd make good on my mild sweet addiction and am currently turning some fruitella wrappers into a bracelet, nifty eh and recycled too!

I've also been out learning to drive again in the field out back of the house which is exciting albeit a little nerve wracking at times but I'm made good progress since last time!
This week (or what is left of my set in stone working week) I'll be filming for my course and getting stuck into whatever else comes my way. I go with the flow.
What have you been up to this past week? Have you enjoyed your bank holiday weekend?

Monday, 29 April 2013

00TD // PR1NTS

Ah Monday, the dreaded day! 
Today I arose to another beautiful sunny spring day, a little reluctantly (I was up working til 3am last night) but this glorious weather spurred me on I and threw on my garments for the day. Now that the skies are looking bluer and the suns been making an appearance I couldn't turn down the opportunity to ditch the black and opt for this vintage yellow Brownies jumper and navy blue bandana combo.  A bit of a mix of subcultures too! 
It might be the only yellow item of clothing I own but its one of my favourite wardrobe pieces that I have no qualms with wearing. Bandanas are so versatile too- I tend to wear mine as a headband but it works great worn as a scarf, tied round the wrist or anywhere else you can possibly think of. I teamed denim shorts, black tights and creepers with this look. 
What do you think of my outfit today?

I also recently got some film processed. It had been sitting in my trusty point and shoot (canon sureshot  AF-7) for a good while so I was delighted that my local branch of Jessops were still open and ready to print them. I only got 16 out of 36 exposures as I had to cut off a large strip of film due to  the camera's automatic winder having a tantrum so I was a little bummed but here they are (all 35mm by the way)
This one was taken in September 2012 whilst I was on the Isle Of Wight for Bestival. You can my Lubitel 2 and my discarded shoes. I was really happy we'd made it to the beach whilst the weather was still nice! 

I took this whilst I was in France over Christmas 2012. Again this was near the beach, though this time  it wasn't quite nice enough to sunbathe! 
My mother on the left and my Sister on the right at my birthday meal in September. They look so alike its uncanny! 

This one was taken more recently at college. My rather musically talented friend was playing ukelele and singing. Its gone a bit redscale which I can put down to the film being exposed.  Seriously someone should ban me from opening the back of my camera or at least drill it into me to turn the camera off and place myself in a dark room before doing so! I must admit I do like the end result though!
This is definitely one of my favourites of all the prints that came out. It was taken in the 'Ambient Forest' bit of Bestival where I think I would be content living, its a sight to behold in the daytime and a fairy lit fantasy come night time. A friend pointed out that the shot looked very 'monet'. 

A very faint rainbow over my hometown. 
I took this as we drove off the ferry and onto French soil. It may seem just a pov shot from the interior of a car to you but to me it bears significance. Until this I hadn't left the country for twelve years and I was really excited about soaking up as much as I could of France whilst I was there. 
I believe this was another one taken at Bestival, whilst Florence And The Machine were playing. It was  such a treat to finally see her live, I also got to see The XX perform which was equally a treat!

My next goal lomo wise is to finish up my roll of medium format in my Lubitel 2 and get that developed or maybe even develop it myself! I do la la la love lomography, these cameras and their films  seem to capture memories in such a nostalgic way and they sit there holding them for us until we finally get round to developing them. 
What do you think of my photos? Have you been to Bestival? Do you love the Ambient Forest as much as I do?

Do let me know in the comments or by tweeting me @abitha_arabella  ! 

Visual Update #4

Rocket cous cous and green tea | Lavender Oil | Spring Florals | Treehouse @ Family BBQ

Spring has sort of finally arrived, is it safe to say that yet? and I've thus really enjoyed it so far. I'm not sure if my body has- not only have I've been ill with some sort of tummy infection but it just doesn't know how to respond to the current climate. My brain in particular- is it okay to go out in shorts, a dress, an outfit that doesn't include trousers?!? I've soldiered on, treating myself to baths and lavender oil and walks round the garden. All of the flowers are starting to bloom, its kind of infectious. I've been nomming on lots of rocket and a bit of goats cheese- divine foods!
Magnolia Tree In The Garden | Tammy | Free Call Courtesey Of BT | Train Ticket Floor Finding

The magnolia tree has finally began to bloom, its late but better that than never. Honestly I think this beautiful flora is spurring on my optimism at the moment! Thats Tammy our dog posing for me in the garden. I was longchanged(?) by the trusty old telephone box outside the train station. I inserted 60p to make a phone call and it returned 70, why thank you telephone. And whilst I was waiting to be picked up, I spotted this cool little ticket.
Crystal Fighters Gig | Zombie Girl | Modelling For A Fashion Film @ LCF | Studying

Of course I went to see Crystal Fighters a week or so ago, you can read more on that here
I've been throwing myself head first into my video production course work, so I've been making videos and turning myself into a zombie whilst slaving over essays (which I really secretly love) and I also modelled in a little fashion film at The London College Of Fashion over the weekend. I can't wait to see the results, but more to come on that later! Ooh and I got some film from last year developed, I'll cook you up a post on it tomorrow. Alas it is late (I've been up recording my voice for videos) so I'll bid you all good night and we'll regroup tomorrow. 
Abitha xo